TD-15 Crawler Dozer

The TD-15 medium crawler dozer Series are available in several versions starting from 190hp with an operating weight of 21.3t. These powerful dozers blend brute force with predicable and precise control and are engineered for optimum performance in road construction, land clearing and on construction sites.

Max Engine Power 164KW

Weight21.6 t

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Customers can specify their machines in either Standard (STD), Wide Track (WT) Long Track (LT) or Low Ground Pressure (LGP) versions. The machines can also be engineered for superior performance in Landfill Applications (LA).


Engine Range 150 kW - 164 kW
Weight Range 20.6 t - 21.6 t
Blade Capacity Range 3.8 - 5.7 m3
Ground Pressure 36.9 kPa


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