VOLTO Tedder

Ultra-versatile, high performance tedder. CLAAS delivers modern technology in working widths of 4.5 m to 13 m with trailed or three-point linkage attachment.

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If you are looking for maximum performance and spreading width, the CLAAS VOLTO tedder stands supreme. Our technology enables you to work fast and efficiently, particularly with the MAX SPREAD crop flow concept, saving you valuable time and making the job easier.

Sophisticated Technology

Our hay tedders feature an outstanding crop flow system that is not available anywhere else on the market: MAX SPREAD - the intelligent crop flow system with a 29.3° backward angle configuration ensuring problem-free tedding even for leafy crops.

MAX SPREAD enables you to work significantly faster, or with a lower engine speed, allows the tedding of leafy crop types such as alfalfa at reduced engine speeds and ensures a wider and more even distribution of the harvested crop, for an optimal spread pattern.

Low maintenance, maximum performance

All VOLTO machines in the large model series come equipped with a hermetically sealed, continuously lubricated rotor transmission. Combined with the PERMALINK finger clutch, the drive system on these tedders is very low maintenance right up to the drive shaft.

With a working width of 13.00 m, the VOLTO 1300 T is a top performer in the field. With its ten rotors, it can ted five swaths from a 3.00-m mower in a single pass, and the sophisticated folding design ensures compact dimensions on the road.


-13 Models in series
-Working widths of 4.50 to 13.00 m
-Trailed or three-point linkage attachment
-4 - 10 Rotors
-MAX SPREAD crop flow concept


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