VARIANT 485-460

Round baler with variable chamber and new special features. The CLAAS VARIANT round baler impresses with high productivity, a long service life and ease of operation. The end result, enhanced by advanced technology, is compact bales, an impeccable bale shape.

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Six seconds is all the time the VARIANT needs to discharge the bale onto the field, from the opening to the closing of the tailgate. The 360° rotor enables direct baling start in all crop types, with an impeccable bale shape.

14 knives make the VARIANT with ROTO CUT the ideal baler for short chopping, and ensure outstanding feed quality. And the 3 m/s bale rotation speed enables the precisely operating wrapping system to produce firm bales that keep their shape.

The COMFORT option for the VARIANT greatly increases the level of comfort for the operator. A range of baler functions are automatically operated and controlled from the tractor.

The tailgate opens and closes automatically in just six seconds. The knives are automatically deactivated at the end of each bale, and automatically cleaned after every fifth bale. Blockages are easily cleared from the cab, with the push of a button.


-Bale size 1.20 × 0.90–1.80 or 1.55 m
-Hydropneumatically suspended PRO cutting floor
-Extrawide net rolls protect the bale edges
-New spiral 360° rotor ROTO CUT or ROTO CUT HD for perfect silage bales
-Robust rotor and reinforced chains and chopper unit ensure constant maximum output – even with silage


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