MF 8700S

The New MF 8700 S Series is aimed at customers looking for a New touch of high horse power and a precision farming tractor with inspired design and optimised efficiency.

Max Engine Power 370hp

Engine TypeAGCO Power 6.6 L, 6 Cylinder

Max. Lift Capacity1200kg


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The New MF 8700 S with its powerful new styling is designed to captivate you from the start. The NEW MF light bar and iconic MF triple triangle logo is at the heart of the ‘S’ effect distinctive styling, the full embodiment of MF’s power, design and engineering quality.

The new Massey Ferguson 8700 S is designed for farmers and contractors demanding higher work rates and efficiencies, and lower running costs. With an unladen weight of just 10.8t, which is 4t lighter than other tractors in its class, the MF 8700 S offers a class-leading power to weight ratio of just 26.7kg/hp. While light in weight, it is also easy to ballast up for draft work, to provide superb economy and performance in all operations. All MF 8700 S tractors come equipped with the latest Datatronic 5 terminal as standard, which provides tablet style operation and comes complete with Auto-Guide automatic steering and a host of precision farming options.

MF 8730 S 295 AGCO Power 6.6 L, 6 Cylinder Dyna-VT 1,300 12,000
MF 8732 S 320 AGCO Power 6.6 L, 6 Cylinder Dyna-VT 1,400 12,000
MF 8735 S 350 AGCO Power 6.6 L, 6 Cylinder Dyna-VT 1,540 12,000
MF 8737 S 370 AGCO Power 6.6 L, 6 Cylinder Dyna-VT 1,600 12,000
* @1900 RPM | ** @1500 RPM

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