403 Wheel Loader

The new JCB 403 may have the same name as its predecessor but it's a radically different wheel loader. Benefiting from over 45 years' expertise, this new model brings a raft of premium features from our larger models to a more compact size of loading shovel.

Max Engine Power 26KW / 36hp

Bucket Capacity0.5m3

Max. Operating Weight2452kg

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Expect top quality componentry like ZF axles, Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps and a Kubota engine, all in a compact and agile tool carrier. The new 403 compact wheel loader is also built incredibly tough to withstand harsh applications, and boasts a comfortable, ergonomic operator area.


Our two-speed hydrostatic transmission makes it easy for your wheel loader operators to achieve precise machine movements even in cramped spaces. The oscillating centre joint allows all four wheels to maintain maximum tractive effort at all times.

The driveline works in parallel with the braking system via an inching system on the footbrake. This offers superb multi-functioning and increased power during loading and rehandling.Choose the 100% differential lock in both front and rear axles and your JCB 403 mini loader will provide ultimate traction and performance in soft, muddy ground.


We've hand-picked the very best core components for the JCB 403 mini  loader, including a Kubota engine, ZF axles and Bosch Rexroth hydraulics pumps. It's all designed to work in perfect harmony, ensuring economical, reliable and productive performance.

Heavy-duty axle feet absorb the immense stresses generated during continuous heavy material rehandling. Our high-strength centre joint can withstand both vertical and horizontal loadings for maximum durability and rigidity.

Loader arms are one of the hardest working components on any wheel loader, bearing the brunt of daily tasks and distributing. The 403's compact wheel loader patented arms are designed to distribute forces evenly into the front chassis, boosting strength, durability and longevity.

A solid cast rear counterweight helps prevent impact damage. Protection plates underneath your 403 mini wheel loader will shield the engine and driveline from impact damage.

Hydraulic hoses are neatly routed and clamped along the loader arms well away from any potential pinch points to guard against damage.


The new JCB 403 compact wheel loader benefits from a comfortable and spacious cab. The operating position is designed for optimum all-round visibility, unhindered by things like exhausts and air filters.

Our tilting telescopic steering column is easy to adjust for an ergonomic driving position. Switching between high and low travel speeds takes just the flick of a button located on the joystick.

The 403 mini loader comes equipped as standard with a new, ergonomically designed joystick control system for comfortable and intuitive operation. This means you can control all arm/auxiliary movements with your hand in one place.

You can manoeuvre quickly and easily with directional shuttle changes via the joystick mounted shuttle switch (FNR).

Measuring under 2.2m in height and 1.1m in width, this compact new loader can access the very smallest operating environments like poultry sheds and outbuildings. Not least when you consider its compact wheelbase and 40° steering articulation angle.

It's easy to lock or detent hydraulic flow to the front using the auxiliary control lever. This provides a constant flow of up to 40.5 l/min for attachments like sweepers and feeder buckets.


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