Atlas Copco Compressors

Atlas CEA is a leading distributor for world-renowned capital equipment brands. Atlas Copco portable air compressors are robust, well-made and have low running costs.

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A HardHat™ canopy is tough, really tough. It is designed to be highly impact resistant so it can shrug off dents and fractures. In a tough working environment, this really pays off.

Where even the best-protected steel canopy compressors are going to get bashed and bettered, a HardHat™ will keep its good looks longer. No dents, no scratches and corrosion. No time and money consuming repair and repaint jobs.

Atlas Copco portable air compressors can be used on a wide range of commercial applications including:

Abrasive blasting, concreate pumping and spraying, demolition and general construction, drilling, gain handling, inflating tyres, pneumatic tools, pipeline maintenance and testing, offshore, pipe lining, remote sites, seismic exploration, site dewatering, spray painting, trenchless tunneling, utilities, underground mining and quick cleaning.

Atlas Copco compressors are quiet and silent, cordless, heavy duty, easy to maintain, with best in class fuel economy and provide many years of trouble free operation.

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