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  1. Dozers: TD Series

    • Dressta crawler dozers are built with the power and control to give you optimum performance. The reasons for their excellent up-time record are strong modular power train system, two-speed steering and a wide range of blade and ripper attachments.

      The unique three-point suspension protects the power train and transmits shock loads directly back to the ground. Two-speed steering module on our dozers maintains power to both tracks - at all times! You get the benefit of vastly improved gripping power to push loads through turns quickly and smoothly. It is simply a better, more productive way to steer your crawler dozer. Three speed transmission combined with two-speed geared steering provides six forward and six reverse speeds for more efficient use of the power according to load conditions.

      Steering module contains wet multi-disc low, high and brake clutches which need no adjustment to compensate for wear. Two-speed steering also gives you greater accuracy and more efficiency during side loading of blade, holding uneven loads more effectively. The full crawler dozers range from an operating weight of 7,348 KG to 67,700KG.

    • TD-7M

      Crawler Dozer, Blade Capacity 1.4 m3, Gross Power 80HP @ 2500RPM.

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    • TD-8M

      Crawler Dozer, Blade Capacity 1.68 m3, Gross Power 85HP @ 2200RPM.

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    • TD-9M

      Crawler Dozer, Blade Capacity 1.87 m3, Gross Power 93HP @ 2200RPM.

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    • TD-20M

      Crawler Dozer, Blade Capacity 8.45 m3, Gross Power 260HP @ 2200RPM.

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    • TD-25M

      Crawler Dozer, Blade Capacity 21 m3, Gross Power 375HP @ 1800RPM.

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    • TD-40E

      Crawler Dozer, Blade Capacity 39.8 m3, Gross Power 560HP @ 2000RPM.

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  2. Pipe Layers: SB Series

    • Dressta offers three models of pipe layers from 33 to 100-ton max. lifting capacity respectively. Hydraulically controlled counterweights are swinged horizontally for best machine stability and improved visibility.

      Four identical segments allow fast install / reinstall for transport purposes. High mounting location provides good ground clearance with counterweights extended for optimum load capacity.

    • SB-60

      Pipe layer with high stability and low ground pressure. Maximum lifting capacity 72000KG. Gross Power 320HP @ 2100RPM. Operating weight 51100KG

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    • SB-85

      Pipe layer with high stability and low ground pressure. Maximum lifting capacity 100000KG. Gross Power 320HP @ 2100RPM. Operating weight 61100KG

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  3. Wheel Loaders: 500 Series

    • Dressta wheel loaders have earned excellent reputation among contractors, quarry operators and surface mining people worldwide. Improved and recently enhanced 500-Series wheel loaders guarantee a high production at low cost.

      The loader train system is comprised of a modern diesel engine unit, torque converter, transmission, front and rear drive axles and driving shafts with articulated joints.

      These components provide the most reliable and durable power transfer system. This Heavy-Duty Power Train guarantees a high production at low cost. Powerful turbocharged diesel engine in line cylinders deliver heavy duty torque synonymous with premium high horsepower and maximum efficiency at low cost while meeting the current emission standards requirements.

    • 534C

      Wheel Loader, Bucket Capacity 2.6 m3 to 5.7 m3, Gross power 215HP @ 2200RPM.

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    • 534E

      Wheel Loader, Bucket Capacity 2.6 m3 to 5.7 m3, Gross power 240HP @ 2200RPM.

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    • 555C

      Wheel Loader, Bucket Capacity 4.2 m3 to 8.4 m3, Gross power 335HP @ 2200RPM.

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    • 560E

      Wheel Loader, Bucket Capacity 5.35 m3 to 11.5 m3, Gross power 450HP @ 2200RPM.

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  4. Dressta Spare Parts

    • Terrequipe Pty Ltd provide full Dressta parts support. Please contact us with your Dressta parts enquiries. We also have a wide selection of used and remanufactured parts available located in our used parts area of the website.